Winter Wedding: Make Your Own Ice Sculpture

Carving an ice sculpture together is an opportunity to create something exquisite and unique.  You may want to make your ice sculpture for your wedding centrepiece, or as a table decoration.   Chipping away ice is wonderfully satisfying experience and we can even adapt your ice sculpture into a luge and store it for collection or delivery for your wedding.


Our day with ice

Spend a day making your ice sculptures for your wedding to be used as centrepieces and astound your guests with your skills.  If it is just the two of you, then you can carve in our freezer studio and experience working in temperatures of -12 or you can bask in the warmth with melting ice.  Work on a large piece of ice together or have your own block.  We will provide chisels, gloves and goggles.  

Ice is inherently beautiful, so with a sprinkle of tuition and a dash of melting your ice sculpture will be stunning and your wedding will have a real personal touch.  Photographs will be taken throughout the session of which you would be free to have.  

For a nominal fee we will keep your sculptures for up to 4 weeks.  You can either have them collected or we can deliver them to your wedding. 

Options and Add ons

  • If you like we can freeze something into the ice for you to personalise your sculpture even more.
  • Or you could make a small sculpture which could be an element of a larger sculpture made by us such as an ice bar. Then you can say “I made that!”
  • We can make your sculptures for you: stunning centrepieces, ice bars, frozen objects in ice for table decorations, table display plans, ice luges, and ice photo props.
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