Ice Sculpture Experience Days and courses

Carve ice in our Yorkshire sculpture studio to make something exquisite and unique.  You may want a taster session, a full experience day or an ice sculpture course to really learn how to sculpt.  

You can take your ice sculptures home or we can store then for collection or delivery. Photographs will be taken during the session and shared.  


Taster Session Ice Carving

Do something truly unique and come and chip away at a block of crystal clear ice with chisels and your imagination in the comfort of our sculpture studio.  You will be surprised what you can get done in 3 hours!

Experience Day on Ice

During your ice sculpture experience day you will carve two blocks of ice.  The first will be abstract to understand the versatility of ice and how to use the tools.  The second sculpture will be from your own design and you may touch on proportionally led sculpture which is the building blocks for making replica sculptures.  There are few things more satisfying than chipping away at a block of ice and you will learn a lot too. 

3 Day Ice Sculpture Course

In the Ice Sculpture classes you will work on multiple blocks of ice with hand tools.  You will start off with an abstract sculpture so that you can understand how to carve the ice and develop sculptural form through to proportionally led sculpture that will allow you to replicate objects.  We will be looking at the importance of rhythm in sculpture and more technical aspects of ice sculpture such as fusing ice together.  You may if you like at times be working in our freezer.  Many of the skills that you learn will be transferable to other sculpture mediums. 

Add ons

You may want us to store your ice sculptures for you and then be delivered at a later date so that you can have your own ice sculpture exhibition.  


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