Creative Team Building

The Sand In Your Eye Studio is a perfect indoor team building venue.  We can tailor your session to your needs whether it be an ice breaker, motivational event, management and leadership training, or activity day.  Your corporate team building activities can range from a taster to full day session.  Create some amazing sand art, Halloween pumpkins, ice sculptures or make light paintings.


Sand Sculpture Corporate Team Building

As well as having fun learning essential sandy skills to build a giant sand sculpture you will also have the opportunity to develop leadership and management training by making a sculpture that’s success depends on working together.  Co-operation and communication are key for an effective outcome as well as the ability to embrace and overcome mistakes and the dreaded sand sculpture collapse!  Make the session into a competition to heat things up a little.  A perfect off the beach team building activity!


Ice Sculpting Team Building

Ice sculpture team building is the perfect ice breaker.  Our budding ice carvers can work in pairs with a single block of ice or they can work in teams for a collaborative endeavour to make a larger sculpture together to challenge the team dynamic. You will be enchanted by this unique medium that is carved with razor sharp chisels and yet attains a delicate beauty on melting.  There is even the option of temporary storage and delivering them to the office.   

Pumpkin Carving Corporate Team Building

Get into the Halloween spirit with this fun team building activity that is the perfect ice breaker or corporate away day.  Learn how to carve pumpkins so that yours stand out from the crowd.  Model for the person sat next to you and see who can pull the most ghoulish face to help your pumpkins express themselves.  Afterwards, you can take them home or decorate the office with them!


Light Art Photography Team Bonding

Light painting photography is a perfect creative team building activity.  You will learn the basic technical skills of long exposure photography and have great fun watching your colleagues swinging about lights in the dark and playing with lightsabers.  This is an activity that draws upon experimentation, embracing the beauty rather than the beast of taking risks and making mistakes, and lead you onto the road of creative thinking and innovation. 

After the event will give you high resolution images of your creations.

Sand Drawing: beach team building

Sand Drawing is the perfect beach team building activity.  Here your team has the opportunity to create a giant piece of land art on natures canvas between the time of the tides.  Work in large teams armed with a rake and walkie talkies to help co-ordinate the group.  

sand drawing team building


Facilities include our sculpture studio, meeting room, projector, light refreshments and plenty of onsite parking.  Catering can also be organised from the wealth of local cafés in the area.  Photographs can be taken throughout the workshop which will be shared with you after the event.  All our team building activities are wheel chair accessible.